The Facts... without the Lecture

Things to do if you like someone

There are lots of things to do to show someone how much you like them:

  • Go to the cinema together.
  • Watch DVDs together.
  • Give them time and space to see their friends.
  • Hold their hand.
  • Send them romantic text messages.
  • Be with them when they are upset.
  • Hug them.
  • Kiss them.
  • Make sure they are safe.
  • Make them a CD.
  • Compliment them.
  • Share secrets.
  • Be nice to them even if you’ve had a bad day.
  • Keep their secrets to yourself.
  • Never gossip about them.
  • Be open and honest.
  • Never cheat on them.
  • Listen to music together.
  • Be nice to their friends.
  • Be nice to their family.
  • Listen to their problems.
  • Tell them they are beautiful/handsome.
  • Talk about everything.
  • Surprise them.
  • Just be yourself & allow them to be themselves.