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Ways to Feel Good

Here are some tips to help you feel good about yourself:

  1. Think about all the things that are special and unique about you.
  2. Notice when you are giving yourself a hard time and stop immediately!
  3. Think about how you would like things to be in your life, and think about the steps you can take to make these things happen.
  4. Practise and try new skills, see what’s on in your area that might be fun to try.
  5. Make a list of good things that have happened to you and good things you have done, and read it over and over.
  6. Get involved in your community. Join a sports team or a youth club or take up a new hobby or interest.
  7. Help someone. Tell someone they look nice or they did a good job at something.
  8. Spend time with your family and talk to them.
  9. Do things that you love doing and you know you are good at.
  10. When people compliment you – believe them!
  11. Exercise! Even if you’re not the sporty type, it makes you feel good.
  12. Remember, it’s ok to make mistakes – Nobody’s perfect and it’s only by making mistakes that we learn.
  13. Be yourself. You will never be able to make everyone happy or meet everyone’s expectations about how you “should” be. Learn about what it is that makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin.

Remember, if you feel good about yourself, you have the power to improve other people’s self-esteem.