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Think before you upload photos

Before uploading a photo, think about how you’d feel if it were seen by your parents, teachers, or neighbours. Remember, you can’t control who sees your photo once it’s online so take a second to think before you upload anything.

STEP 1 – Talk to Someone

Talking to your parents, friends, or someone you trust is usually the first step in dealing with any issue. In the case of school related bullying messages you should also talk to a teacher or guidance counsellor about it.

STEP 2 – Report to the website

If something is posted on a website that is intended to be hurtful to someone, you can contact the owners of the website to get it removed.

STEP 3 – Report Serious Issues

You should report serious incidents that could be illegal. Illegal issues include someone making inappropriate sexual suggestions, racist remarks, or persistent bullying.

These incidents can be reported to – all reports are taken very seriously and passed on to the Gardaí when appropriate.

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Need help?

For support, talk to your parents or another adult you trust. You can visit one of the services on the Support Services page. You can also call or email Childline 1800 66 66 66 or