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Breaking up

Remember, you have the right to end a relationship any time you want to.

You also have a responsibility to be kind and considerate towards the other person, regardless of how you feel about them now.

These are some tips:

  • Don’t use the threat of breaking up to make your partner do something they don’t want to do.
  • Be clear about your reasons for breaking up.
  • Choose a place and time that allows you time to talk about your reasons for breaking up.
  • Choose a place where you are around other people, but not where other people can hear you.
  • Don’t break up on the phone, by text, on bebo or through a friend. Think about how you would feel if they did that to you.
  • Be clear, honest and firm when telling the person you want to end the relationship. Make sure they understand what you mean.
  • It’s okay to agree to be friends, but make sure that you don’t still contact each other as much as you did when you were going out.
  • Breaking up can be difficult – even if it’s what you want. Be prepared to feel a bit lonely. Talk to your friends about it and make sure you don’t end up going back to a relationship you don’t really want to be in.
  • When you have finished a relationship, move on and let them move on. Don’t keep texting or calling them, it might create confusion as to whether the relationship has ended or not.

Need help?

For support, talk to your parents or another adult you trust. You can visit one of the services on the Support Services page. You can also call or email Childline 1800 66 66 66 or