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Ciara’s Story

It was really peer pressure, because a lot of the others girls were going on that they had boyfriends, and they were doing this and doing that, whereas I didn’t want to do it, but knew that if I didn’t do it, I’d be an outsider. I was 16. So I did it too, though I wish now I didn’t.

I found out pretty early on when I missed my first period. I got my fella to go to the chemist to get me a pregnancy test. I wouldn’t go into the town to get it myself. I remember the day. It was a Saturday about 3 o’clock. Mam was in town with my sister and Dad was away working. I took the test, found out that I was pregnant and cried.

I didn’t need to tell Mam and Dad. They knew. Dad had found the packaging of the pregnancy test so he knew someone in the house was pregnant so he’d asked Mammy. They sat me down and said it to me – they were so shocked.

Some of my friends stayed around and some didn’t. Some went home and told their mothers and were told not to be hanging around with me anymore.

Being a teenage parent is rewarding, but very difficult. Your life is so changed, but at the same time, the first smile or the first steps – small things like that – it makes you think it’s all worth it. But there are so many changes, from being free to go anywhere, and now not being able to. Not being able to go on holidays. Not being able to go out with the girls all the time, needing to pack up the car, even if you only need to go to town for 5 minutes. But at the same time you enjoy time with the little one.

Just think about the consequences before you do anything. If you’re thinking about having sex, don’t be afraid to go and ask the doctor to get the pill.