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Crisis Pregnancy Counselling is available in specialist agencies which give free counselling, information and support to women who are experiencing crisis pregnancy. Counselling is also available to the girl’s boyfriend or to their parents. For a list of crisis pregnancy counselling services, visit or freetext list to 50444.


A crisis pregnancy counselling session is confidential; however, there are limits to confidentiality if the girl is 17 or under and pregnant. Most counselling services will work with the girl or couple and support them in telling their parents about the situation, but services differ in their policies.

If a young person is uncertain what the policy is in their local service, it is advisable to call and ask. If the counsellor becomes concerned about the safety of the client (whatever her/his age) or the safety of another person, they are obliged to inform a social worker.

To be sure that you will get non-judgemental advice, go to one of the services listed on Some other counselling agencies that advertise themselves in the Golden Pages provide crisis pregnancy counselling with a hidden agenda. This means that they try to influence a girl’s decision. These services do not offer non-judgemental counselling, even though they say they do. To be sure that you go to a service offering non-judgemental counselling go to one of the services listed on, your GP or another trustworthy service.