The Facts... without the Lecture

What’s important to you?

Here are some things that people believe but you may have some of your own too:

  • It’s important to be true to yourself.
  • It’s always better to be honest.
  • If I expect other people to respect me, I have to start with respecting myself.
  • I should treat others as I would like to be treated myself.
  • I am responsible for my own actions.
  • It’s not good to intentionally hurt someone’s  feelings.
  • I should always think before I act.
  • It is good to care for others.
  • It is good to have your own opinions and to allow others to have their own opinions too.
  • It is good to give time to build trust with people and to be trusted by people.

Before you make big decisions in your life, think about what’s important to you. If you act against what you believe you might wish you hadn’t.