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The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme has developed this website because young people are becoming sexually active at a younger age than they did in the past and some young people feel huge pressure to engage in sex before they are ready, putting them at an increased risk of crisis pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections in their lifetimes.

Young people receive information about relationships and sex through their friends and the media, particularly television, film and magazines. This information may be inadequate, incomplete or inappropriate. Parents have an important role in influencing their children’s thinking about relationships and sex, so that they make healthy decisions for themselves as they get older.  The Crisis Pregnancy Programme has a range of Information Leaflets to assist parents in talking to their children about relationships and sex.  It may also be worthwhile to speak to the principal of your child’s school in relation to what they are being taught in their Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) class.

This is an Irish website, developed in consultation with Irish teenagers, parents of teenagers, teachers and youth workers.  It has been medically and legally approved by various experts. We hope that you find it helpful in talking to your child about relationships and sex.  This campaign will be supported through schools and youth work settings.  Lesson plans have been developed to assist teachers and youth workers in teaching RSE.

The FAQ section contains answers to questions parents asked during the consultation. If you have any suggestions about how we might improve it, please let us know. You can email us at or you can call the Crisis Pregnancy Programme on  01-8146292 .

If you would like to talk to another parent, you can call Parentline on 1890 927 277.