The Facts... without the Lecture

Teenage Pregnancy

Have you heard lots of different things about sex and pregnancy?

You may not be sexually active at this stage in your life, but if and when you do begin to have sex remember:

  • Girls can get pregnant the first time they have sex.
  • Girls can get pregnant if they have sex standing up.
  • Girls can get pregnant if they have sex and have a shower or bath immediately afterwards.
  • Girls can get pregnant during their period.
  • Girls can become pregnant even before their first period, if they have already ovulated (released an egg).
  • Girls don’t have to have sex every night to get pregnant.
  • Keeping your eyes closed does not prevent pregnancy.
  • Drinking alcohol before sex does not prevent pregnancy.
  • If a boy doesn’t have sex his testicles will not explode.
  • Going to the loo straight after sex does not prevent pregnancy.

Only abstinence from sex (not having sex)  offers 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

It’s important that couples having sex use contraception every single time to protect themselves against pregnancy and STIs.

The Age of Consent for sexual intercourse in Ireland is 17.

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