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Friendship & relationships

It’s healthy to spend time developing good friendships with boys and girls as a teenager.  Teenagers say that they have good friendships with people they:

  • trust
  • can have a laugh with
  • have lots in common with
  • are easy to talk to.

Good friends tend to:

  • accept one another for who they are
  • stick up for one another
  • watch out for one another.

People tend to start having girlfriends and boyfriends in later teenage years.  The qualities we look for in a good friend are the same qualities that we tend to look for in a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend – someone we trust, can have a laugh with, have lots in common with and are easy to talk to.  It’s healthy for romantic relationships to begin with friendship.

If you feel attracted to someone in your class or in your group of friends, read our Top Tips for advice.  Try not to be too disappointed with Rejection – it happens to everyone at some stage!   And sometimes, even if you do like someone who doesn’t like you back, you can still be good friends.