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Training for Parents

National Parents Council Primary – Training

Parenting – Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationships

The overall aim of this programme is to help parents or guardians in their role in parenting their children to have healthy friendships and relationships at home and in their personal lives.  The programme informs parents or guardians on what is taught in relationships and sexuality education (RSE) and the approach that is used by the teacher. It enables parents to have a clear understanding of the content of the RSE part of the Social Personal Health Education (SPHE) curriculum.

NPC offers you two options:

1. Information Session

This session explores what RSE means to you as a parent. It looks at the aims of the RSE Programme and outlines the SPHE curriculum and how your child is taught in school. The information module also explains each session of the NPC Parenting – Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationships and explores listening and self esteem.

The session runs for two and half hours and is open to all parents and guardians of Primary school children.

2. Module on Parenting: Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationships

Delivered over three two and half hour sessions, this module helps parents have a better knowledge of Relationships and Sexuality education so that they can talk to their children and foster their children’s self esteem and decision making skills in this important area of their lives. The sessions mirror the curriculum taught in schools.

Some of the topics covered in the training are:

  • Expectations and understanding of RSE
  • Speaking and listening – communication skills
  • Self Esteem – a time for parents to reflect on their own self esteem and how this might influence the way in which they relate to their children
  • Childhood experiences – how we as parents learned about RSE
  • Looking at puberty – what are the changes for the child both physically and emotionally
  • Changes for the parent at this time
  • The media and ourselves
  • The language to use – parents explore the complexities of language in regards to sexuality
  • Parents and School – RSE programme in schools – familiarising parents with the RSE programme

This module is on offer to groups of no more than 15 parents per session. The programme is most beneficial if parents attend all of the workshops. The module is available to all parents and is delivered in individual schools.

To register for either of these modules please contact the Training and Development Section Tel: 01 8874475/01 8874481 or email: To download an application form, see the NPC website

New online support service for parents available

This programme is funded by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme.

Irish Family Planning Association Parenting Courses

Speakeasy is a skills based eight-week course designed to provide parents with the information, skills and confidence needed to talk to their children about relationships and sexuality.

  • Puberty and reproduction
  • Influences on sexuality from inside and outside the home
  • Relationships and sexuality education and policies in school
  • How to answer your child’s questions using everyday learning opportunities
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraception
  • Keeping children safe from harm
  • Recommended resources and how to use them

Speakeasy Plus is an eight week guided course for parents of children who have an Intellectual Disability and/ or Autism specific challenges.

This interactive and supported programme helps guide parents through the use of EU evaluated resources to facilitate their skills, confidence and communication techniques to plan a home based relationships and sexuality programme for their child. This course is delivered in partnership with Irish Autism Action and the RUA at the Callan Institute, St John of God Services

Both programmes are kindly funded by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme

For More information please call 01 607 4456 or visit

The Sexual health Centre (Cork)

Runs sessions on the transition from childhood through puberty for parents of 6th class students in primary schools, bookings can be made by phoning The Sexual Health Centre on 0214275837.

Current version of Sexual times as a national resource is available to download as a PDF on

South West Counselling Centre (Killarney) 

SWCC delivers workshops to support and educate Parents in their roles as primary educators in the area of Relationships and Sexuality Education.  Content includes communication skills,understanding pressures, consent, impact of highly sexualised and ‘pornofied’ culture. Training style includes participatory and experiential methods to allow  for discussions and exploration of attitudes

For further information contact South West Counselling Centre on T: 064 6636416/ 064 6636100         E:  or visit