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Alternative sources of relationships and sexuality information and resources:

Teachers & Youth Workers

Thank you for visiting this website. The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme has developed the campaign to help encourage young people to delay having sex for the first time until they are older.

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme is developing this campaign because evidence strongly suggests that young people who have sex at an early age are more likely to have crisis pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections in their lifetime.

In addition to this website, there are resource materials for teachers and youth workers, available from the Crisis Pregnancy Programme on 01-8146292. The National Youth Council of Ireland is providing training for youth workers on delaying early sex in various locations around the country.   This training is funded by the Crisis Pregnancy Programme and is free of charge to participants.  There is more infomation in the Youth Workers section.

The campaign is the result of an extensive consultation process, with over 200 teenagers, parents of teenagers, teachers and youth workers. For a full list of the people who have contributed to this site, please see the Acknowledgements section.

We hope that the campaign will assist you in your work with young people. You have a powerful role to play in providing young people with the information and skills they need to evaluate critically the wide range of information, opinions, attitudes and values presented to them, in order for them to make positive, responsible choices about themselves and the way they live their lives.

Please visit the RSE Policy and RSE Training pages for information on support and training to assist you in your work and the Resources section for a list of materials that may be of assistance to you in your work.