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Why it’s Better to Wait

Reasons why young people say they want to wait until they are older before having sex:

  • They want to be in a loving relationship first.
  • They want their first experience of sex to be special.
  • They want to be sure that they are emotionally ready.
  • They feel that they would be better able to deal with the possible consequences when they are older.
  • They want to have finished school and exams before taking that step.

Reasons why people say they wish that they had waited until they were older before having sex:

  • They were too young and didn’t fully realise the consequences.
  • They had sex because they were under pressure from friends or from their boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • They got carried away in the moment and didn’t know how to say no.
  • They felt that they “had to” have sex because their girlfriend or boyfriend had had sex in a previous relationship.
  • They were afraid that their girlfriend or boyfriend would break up with them if they didn’t have sex.

Reasons why it’s better for people to wait until they are older before having sex:

  • If you have sex before 17, research has found that you will be 70% more likely to experience a crisis pregnancy than those who wait until they’re 17 or older.
  • Young people who have sex under 17 are twice as likely to get a sexually transmitted infection compared with those who wait until they are older.
  • It is against the law to have sex under 17 or with someone under 17.
  • Young people who have had sex at an early age are likely to say that they regret it.
  • Young people who have sex under age 17 are less likely to use contraception.

The Age of Consent for sexual intercourse for heterosexual and homosexual sex is 17 for boys and girls.