The Facts... without the Lecture

Dave’s Story

I had just started going out with this girl – I knew her for a while before we started going out.  A couple of weeks later I started noticing small warts on my penis. I freaked out.  They were itchy – it was really embarrassing.  I didn’t do anything about it for a few days, I was hoping they would go away, but they didn’t.

I told my older cousin.  I knew I could trust him.  He told me about the clinic and he came with me to the appointment.  It was grand – there were loads of people there my age, some people were there with their parents.

The nurse was really sound.  She told me that I had genital warts and that I could get them burned or frozen off.  I got them frozen off.  It wasn’t sore really.

The problem is that the virus that causes the warts stays in my body.  I could get the warts again, or I could give them to someone.  From now on I have to use condoms every single time I have sex or else the girl could get the warts virus.