The Facts... without the Lecture

Girls, Boys and Pressure

Boys and girls say that they feel different types of pressure. We know this from research when Irish teenagers were interviewed.

Boys say that they feel pressure to act macho and tough and to be seen to want to have sex. But they are afraid that if they have sex, the girl will talk about it afterwards.

Girls say that they feel pressure to engage in sex when other members of their group of friends are having sex or if their boyfriend has had sex in a previous relationship. They also feel pressure to have a good reputation and not be labelled as a slut.

Boys and Girls feel pressure by the groups they hang around with. They care about their reputations and about what other people think about them. Both boys and girls are under pressure to do things that they are uncomfortable with.

The Age of Consent for sexual intercourse for heterosexual and homosexual sex is 17 for boys and girls.